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I am frequently asked what are my favorite products because my clients and friends know that I have been trying to clean up all the things I use in my home as well as what I put in and on my body for years now.  

I am always trying new products, but all of the products listed below are tried and true favorites. I hope you enjoy checking these out and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done as well!

This company is my go-to for all my skin care needs.  These products are BEYOND clean and they work!  If you have ever tried a natural deodorant then you understand how surprising that claim may be.  I switched to all natural deodorant 6 years ago and it took many bad purchases and failed attempts at making my own before I found this compnay and a deodorant that works.  I will say that for most days, this is not an apply once in the morning and forget about it kind of deodorant.  I do usually have to reapply at some point during the day depending on my activity level.  For me, that is not a big deal because I know that the chemicals used for those “once and done” drugstore brands are not something I want in my body.  I have had a real problem with acne off and on for years – even into my 40’s!  Cleaning up my diet made a huge difference but it still wasn’t consistently clear.  Since I have been using Primally Pure face products, acne is a thing of the past.  I use the Everything Spray as a toner, the Fancy Face serum to help even out skin tone and ward off zits and the Complexion Mists.  Each one of the mists uses essential oils that serve a specific purpose.  I rotate between them all and they have a mini mist sampler set that makes it easy to try them all. Their products are not just for acne prone skin though and they even have products especially for men.  I also really love their body oils that you use immediately after showering before drying off.  They smell amazing, use all-natural essential oils and will last a really long time.  I always buy the sampler set because I can never choose a favorite scent.  The picture to the right is my personal set that I received over a month ago and use daily – they are still almost full!  So here is the sitch:  I do receive a commission when you use the code FITLOSOPHY20 at checkout, but the specials listed below are available on their website whether you use my code or not.  Please note that the discount is not valid on the specials but will be applied to everything else in your cart.

  • Black Friday: Spend $50 get a free 1.7 oz deodorant of your choosing
  • Small Biz Saturday + Sunday: Free Shipping!
  • Cyber Monday: BOGO (buy one get one) on ALL kits (Spa/Starter/Baby).                                  

Dr. Cowan’s Garden

I am always looking for ways to add more vegetables to my diet.  I love to cook, but on hectic weekdays there is not alot of time to get creative and I usually revert back to my usual standbys.  When I found this company I started playing around with some of the different salts they offer by sprinkling them on my usual veggies and was happily surprised by how they transformed the flavor.  I started collecting more flavors beyond the salts as time went on and when I have time to be creative in the kitchen you can bet I have a bevy of jars on the counter waiting to be used.  My favorite way to use these beauties is in homemade soup and sauces.  I love eating soups and stews when it is chilly out, there is something so comforting about it.  By adding in these vegetable powders, I am also getting in a hefty dose of nutrition as well.  I also try to make sure my college kiddos return to school after breaks with a cooler full of their favorite soups and homemade spaghetti sauce.  It makes me feel better knowing they have an easy meal that is full of nutrition close at hand in the freezer.  Their website has a ton of information if you geek out like I do on that sort of thing, but if not here are my favorites:  Ashitaba Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Pepper Salt and the Garden Leek Salt.  I tend to use the powders of veggies that I don’t typically eat becauseI am trying to have as diverse a diet as possible.  I also receive a small commission when you shop through the link above.  Make sure to use the code THANKSGIVING19 at checkout to save 25% off of everything in stock!

Primal Palate

This company has the absolute best spices around!  I bet you didn’t know that almost all spices that you buy in the grocery store have been sitting in warehouses for months or even a year before you see them on the grocery store shelf.  When they sit that long, they lose their flavor.  We have gotten so used to eating old spices that we don’t even realize what they are supposed to taste like!  On top of all that, almost all spices from the big corporations have been exposed to radiation so that they can withstand the long wait times in storage.  YUCK!  Primal Palate uses 100% organic ingredients whenever possible; which is almost all of the ingredients, but if they cannot get organic they make sure it is non-GMO.  And their spices are never irradiated.  There is constant turnover, so your spices are never old and stale.  The flavor difference is truly amazing.  My favorite is “Adobo Seasoning” because it is so versatile.  I use it on veggies, fish, chicken, just about everything.  I love it so much, I gave it as a gift one Christmas as part of a goodie bag of my favorites (kind of like this post!). They also sell their best sellers in resealable bags which I love.  I always keep the bags in the freezer so they stay fresh.  They sell packets too – Ranch and Taco are my favorite.  No more buying the chemical packets in the store!  Have you ever read the ingredients in those things?!  This picture is of what I currently have on hand in my spice drawer.  This is what they are offering as their sales this year:

  • EVERY order receives a mini-sampler of our spice packets (4 packets). We will add it to your order automatically before shipping.
  • Orders over $50 will receive a free resealable bag of your choosing, a $20 value! We offered this last year and it was a huge hit, and had to do it again.
  • Free shipping for orders over $75 (the best shipping offer we’ve ever done! Unlocked at the checkout for qualifying orders)

Click this link to be taken to their site.  I do not have make any commission off this link, I just love their product so much and wanted you to know about them!

Ground Based Nutrition

I REALLY try to eat a whole food diet but life these days is a very fast-paced reality.  On the days that I cannot eat the way I prefer, I make protein shakes.  But have you paid attention the all the different kinds of protein powders?  The sheer number and flavors are dizzying!  I happen to be lactose intolerant and even though whey protein is supposed to be easily digestible, I don’t feel my best when I use it in my shakes.  After much label reading and trying different brands, I have found my hands-down favorite.  Their products are formulated with 100% natural organic ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes, additives, or man-made synthetic chemicals.  You don’t see that on the protein powder shelf too often!  Their protein is completely plant based and I find it very easy to digest.  Getting enough high-quality protein is super important if you are trying to lean up or build muscle – believe it or not, most people do not get enough to meet either one of these goals.  My favorite is the Superfood Protein in chocolate but they also have a vanilla flavor, keto products and sport supplements. Right now Ground Based Nutrition is having a killer Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale, 40% off EVERYTHING and free shipping on orders over $75.  I do not make a commission on these links but make sure you use the code THANKFUL4GBN at checkout to get the discount!

Daily Harvest

You may have seen their ads on Instagram, I sure did.  I finally got curious and tried them out.  To my surprise, I loved everything I tried!  I originally just wanted to have a variety of smoothie options in the freezer but they have soups, overnight oats, chia puddings, harvest bowls, latte’s and more!  The ingredients are mostly organic and all the packaging is recyclable which makes me feel better about shipping it in.  They also have an app so it is easy to skip shipments which I do all the time with no problem.  I just find it is much easier to have mostly organic ingredients waiting in my freezer than to buy all the fresh ingredients and usually have them go bad before I use them.  Between Daily Harvest, Ground Based Nutrition and Dr. Cowan’s Garden, I can make an incredibly nutritious smoothie and feel good about what I am feeding my body on those days where a sit-down lunch is just not possible.  You can use this link and we both get $25 off our next shipment.

Branch Basics

I found this company after trying to make my own natural cleaning products and finding that I just didn’t have the time.  I wanted desperately to get the chemicals out of my house, so I went on a search and found Branch Basics. This is a family company started when they realized that the chemicals that surrounded them were creating catastrohic illnesses amongst their loved ones.  They developed a soap that is truly all-purpose.  I use it for laundry as well as cleaning everything from bathrooms, countertops, floors and Pilates mats!  They have guides on their website to help you dilute the concentrate for your specific cleaning need as well as all the supplies you need for get rid of all the toxic cleaners in your home!  I do make a small commission when you use the link above.

Best Self Journal

Last but not least and having nothing to do with food or beauty products – This incredible caledar, journal and goal setting wonder!  I give one of these to all of my health coaching clients at our first meeting.  It is fabulous for teaching you how to be accountable to yourself to help reach whatever goal you may have.  We spend quite a bit of our sessions learning how to get the most out of this organizational treasure, but there are so many other great products that you just have to check them out!  There is a great Holiday Gift Guide that has ideas for everyone on your list!  There are these great deck collections that will help you accomplish all sorts of things.  If you are a writer, there is a Wordsmith deck to help work through writer’s block.  Parent of a child who answers all your questions with one word?  There is a Little Talk deck that will stimulate conversations with your kiddos, and so many more!  There are a ton of products to help you stay organized – I am a big fan of this company and use many of their products to help me stay on task.  Right now they have already started their sale BOGO 30%, free shipping in the US to orders over $45 AND for every order they will donate one meal to Feeding America!  By clicking the links above, I do earn a small commission.

I hope you enjoyed this post and this list helps you accomplish some stress free shopping!  I am thankful for each and everyone of you.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Dawn Giammalvo

After hearing about Pilates for a few years and even working out on an in-home reformer, Dawn decided to attend her first Pilates class in 2005. Little did she know that her life would be changed that day and the path to Fitlosophy would begin. Her instructor; who not only trained with Joseph Pilates but is also a physical therapist, pointed out that she had scoliosis. No doctor had ever diagnosed her with that before even though she had been dealing with back pain for over a decade. With the help of her instructor, she learned the principles behind Pilates and what she needed to do to relieve her pain and build her strength.

What is a Health Coach?

Health and wellness coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance well-being. In the course of their work health and wellness coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, and honoring that each client is an expert on his or her life while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

What’s The Big Deal About A National Certification for Health Coaching?

Coaching has been around for a long time, there are sports coaches, career coaches, life coaches, and nutrition coaches, and in the past 10 years health coaches have come on the scene. There were never any guidelines as to who could call themselves a coach. You can choose to coach your child’s baseball team and suddenly you are a coach.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Gifties and Discounts!

I am frequently asked what are my favorite products because my clients and friends know that I have been trying to clean up all the things I use in my home as well as what I put in and on my body for years now. I am always trying new products, but all of the products listed below are tried and true favorites. I hope you enjoy checking these out and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done as well!

Perfect Butternut Squash Soup

well y’all, i am not a food blogger, nor do i play one on tv, but this is a tasty soup! it has gotten pretty chilly here, and we even had a few snowflakes the other day, so that means it is time to make soup. last winter, i came up with this recipe after all the butternut squash soup recipes i found included apples or something sweet, and i just wasn’t feeling it. feel free to skip to the end if you just want the recipe – because sometimes life moves too fast to read all the things.

Thermography – A Tool for Early Breast Cancer Detection

Improving Our Chances to Catch Breast Cancer Early and SurviveWe all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; we’ve been hearing that for years. We are more than aware of breast cancer. We all know someone or know of someone who has had it or is currently fighting it. 1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Vitamin D and Your Immune System

Vitamin D boosts your immune system and lowers inflammation. Inflammation is what leads to more significant difficulties in fighting Covid. Studies have shown an increased chance of getting COVID with lower than optimal vitamin D levels. Update – As summarized by NewsWise: “New data from a recent study indicates that active forms of Vitamin D can inhibit the replication and expansion of Covid-19.

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Metabolism and Keep It That Way!

Metabolism can be defined as the process by which our bodies convert what we eat and drink into the energy we need to fuel all the basic automatic processes like breathing and cell division as well as the energy needed to walk, run and all the other activities we choose to do. Metabolism tends to slow with age making it easier to add on a few pounds and difficult to get them back off again.

Why am I starting a new career as a Health Coach?

The answer is long and not fully known by most people, but I thought it fitting that I put it into words in this first blog post so that you understand my motivation and maybe will decide to work with me one day. I warn you this is on the long side, but I promise future posts will be much shorter

Why Disposable Masks May Be Doing You and the Environment More Harm Than Good

This post is NOT a pro or anti-mask rant, everyone made their decisions long ago about the efficacy of masks. This is hopefully an eye-opening look at the dark side of disposable masks. After reading this post, I hope you will strive to make healthier choices about the masks you decide to wear. Better for you and better for the environment. Because disposable masks truly are doing more harm than good.

Minestrone Soup

Soup, my goodness how I love a good bowl of soup and this is one of my favorites! my mother-in-law gave this recipe to me years ago and until I went digital, it was the most stained and ragged little index card you ever did see. That, by the way, is how you know that there is magic written on that recipe card! you know what I am talking about.

Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight!

if you are having trouble sleeping or you are not waking up rested and refreshed, consider trying some of these suggestions and see if it helps. I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

Thanksgiving Dinner: Healthier Subs that Taste Amazing!

There you have it! The first recipe roundup I’ve ever at Fitlosophy! I hope you have found it helpful and it has made your Thanksgiving prep a little easier! Make sure all the things on your table will make your body happy and not make you feel ill so that you can enjoy the day, and then most importantly, enjoy this day with your loved ones. Eat all the things – without guilt. Laugh, love, and cherish what is most important. Until next time friends, take care and stay well!

New Year’s Resolutions

Today is the day, this is the year you are going to make all those changes you want to make in your life! Have you said that to yourself before? How did it work out? Want to learn some easy steps to make this year different? To actually make and KEEP those changes? Read on….


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