Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only book a Discovery Call?

During the Discovery Call, we can determine the best fit for the Fitlosophy program based on your unique situation.

How do I purchase a package?

You can purchase a package during or after the Discovery Call. After the call, you will have full access to your Fitlosophy portal.

How long are the programs?

It depends on you! Each program offers a different number of health coaching sessions that you can schedule at your convenience. Additionally, each program includes 12 private exercise sessions you can schedule per your preference.

Why are functional labs necessary?

The labs provide insight into your body's functions and offer a roadmap for healing opportunities. We won't have to guess and save valuable time with the labs.

Does Fitlosophy take insurance?

Insurance providers typically do not cover the cost of functional labs because they are often not used for diagnostic purposes. However, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you may be able to use these funds to pay for the labs and any associated health coaching. It's essential to check with your provider, as terms and conditions can change over time.

What forms of payment does Fitlosphy take?

I accept all major credit cards through the portal. If you prefer to pay with Venmo or PayPal, I can arrange that as well.

I have significant injuries. Is Functional Patterns safe for me?

It's essential to consult with your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise. I can speak with your doctor to explain the activities you plan to participate in so they can make an informed decision. Additionally, I have expertise in rehabilitating people from injuries and helping them become stronger. I can modify the exercises as necessary to suit your current abilities.

I have a major medical condition. Is your program safe?

It is crucial to consult with your doctor before starting any program. However, I can communicate with your doctor to explain what we will be doing so they can help you make an informed decision. Having ongoing conversations with your doctor is vital as I will join your healthcare team. I will never include anything in your program that contradicts your physician's treatment plan. I aim to act as a bridge between traditional medicine and functional health care, ensuring that you receive the best of both worlds for your healing.

What is a Health Coach?

Health and wellness coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance well-being. In the course of their work health and wellness coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, and honoring that each client is an expert on his or her life while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

What’s The Big Deal About A National Certification for Health Coaching?

Coaching has been around for a long time, there are sports coaches, career coaches, life coaches, and nutrition coaches, and in the past 10 years health coaches have come on the scene. There were never any guidelines as to who could call themselves a coach. You can choose to coach your child’s baseball team and suddenly you are a coach.

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I am frequently asked what are my favorite products because my clients and friends know that I have been trying to clean up all the things I use in my home as well as what I put in and on my body for years now. I am always trying new products, but all of the products listed below are tried and true favorites. I hope you enjoy checking these out and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done as well!


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