Functional Patterns at Fitlosophy

Why is Functional Patterns in every package?

I prioritize four primary movements that have been crucial for human survival throughout our evolution: standing, walking, running, and throwing. My approach revolves around your biomechanics and how you move through space. Regardless of where you're currently at, if you're human, you'll reap the rewards of this training.

Have you tried several gyms or workouts, but old injuries keep returning, or worse, new ones develop?

Do you have to see a PT on a fairly regular basis? You may have to get massages, do saunas, or cold plunge to keep your body moving.

Are you starting to feel that your injury or pain is just something you will have to live with for the rest of your life?

Throughout our lives, we experience injuries that affect how we move. Twisted ankles, car accidents, bicycle accidents, sports get where I am going. These minor or significant injuries can cause our bodies to adjust and develop movement dysfunctions. Over time, gravity can also affect posture. It's important to know how to counteract these issues to prevent a big movement mess.

This aggregation of malfunctions is the reason why we are prone to more injuries as we grow older. If they are not dealt with in due course, these malfunctions can cause damage to our bodies.

But you can take control of your body! By learning about your personal movement dysfunctions and addressing them, you can build strength and resilience without the risk of injury. Fitlosophy gives you results without regrets.

What Does It Look Like To Train At fitlosophy?


There is an assessment of posture, gait, breathing, and flexibility. These are important because the assessments give us the blueprint for correcting your structure. You will have a solid foundation for sustainable toned muscle mass over time by making you aware of and correcting your structure first.


In the beginning, many movements will feel foreign to you. Functional Patterns is unlike anything you have ever done.


At first, movements occur in slow motion while you are given instructions to make specific adjustments. This queuing ensures as much symmetry and safety as possible.


In the beginning, the goal is to engage your mind and body to think about how it moves so that you begin to correct yourself on your own in your day-to-day life.


As you gain proficiency in these actions, you can participate in more fast-paced and higher-energy movements, which will train all exercise phases - balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and power.

In learning to precisely execute these movements, functional patterns has seen:

Increases in muscle mass
Decreases in body fat
Manage stress better
Reduction in the risk of injury
Improved energy
Better sleep


When you team up with Fitlosophy for Functional Patterns training and personalised health coaching based on your lab results, you're tackling your health goals from multiple angles. And the best part? You’ll get quicker, more effective results. Ready to make it happen? Schedule your discovery call today!

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