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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

I have been a health coach since 2019, and I know fundamental lifestyle changes can go a long way in achieving better health. But change is hard, and my clients wanted to know why they needed to change, not just how. If you think back to a time in your life when you were told you had to make changes, you were probably resistant, maybe even angry. You probably weren’t willing to make those changes until it was proven why you needed to make them. I needed a way to give my clients concrete evidence of why they needed to make changes. FDN gave me that skill set and the ability to use labs so I could.

The human body was designed to thrive! You do not have to tell your cells how to do their job; you just have to get out of their way. Given the proper support and healthy environmental conditions, I believe the human body can heal from just about anything. You restore balance and harmony when you work with your body instead of against it. That is what I will teach you to do.

What is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner?

I specialize in investigating your health issues’ root causes and conditions. I use evidence-based protocols to promote your overall well-being and vitality. I am experienced in selecting the appropriate functional tests and analyzing the results to identify the most effective healing options.

I believe knowledge is power! Understanding how to gather and analyze data is one of the most essential factors in achieving optimal wellness. Functional testing and evaluation are vital to identifying biochemical, nutrient, gut, and hormonal imbalances. Understanding how to analyze test results and not just read them is crucial to recovering and building health. Not everyone wants to do this, but now you have someone on your side who loves it!

Why do FDN-P’s use labs?

Functional testing is an effective way to improve one’s health and well-being.  It is important to note that FDN Practitioners do not diagnose or treat diseases.  Instead, my role is to use the labs to help you identify areas for healing and teach you how to eliminate factors contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle; this makes me well-suited to aid in restoring function and harmony throughout your body.

I know that every person is different and has different needs. I strive to respect each person’s bio-individuality by building highly customized plans and protocols for each person. There should never be a “one size fits all” approach to health, and if that is what you are currently receiving, I encourage you to step away from cookie-cutter health care. Because what helps one person recover and heal may aggravate symptoms in another. Only functional health care gives you this specific, personalized care.

I am passionate about learning, and I constantly take classes and read the latest research findings to stay current. This love of learning is why I decided to become an FDN. They are pioneers in the functional health community and constantly update their systems to remain at the forefront. With their support, I can offer you the best functional health practices available.

With all protocols that I design, there will be supplements.  We live in a world where we cannot get all the nutrition we need to thrive from food alone.  With our modern lifestyles, we cannot get away from all toxins in our environment.  Our bodies need support sometimes to repair and function their best.  This is how I use supplements: to supplement and support while your body does the work of healing.  I choose to use Fullscript as my dispensary because they only carry quality products and unlike ordering from Amazon, you know you are getting exactly what you order.  Whether or not you choose to work with me, you can also get your supplements from Fullscript and have peace of mind that you are getting the quality you deserve.  Get 10% off retail price from my store.

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